June 16, 2017

Hello all!  We've been doing a lot of fishing over
the past couple weeks, and apologize for the lack
of reports.  Sea bass fishing was excellent with
easy limits every trip and lots of nice fish in the
mix.  Our last trip was Tuesday due to some
sloppy weather over the last couple days, and we
decided to try for fluke and found them biting
pretty good.  We were one short of our limit and
also had 16 nice sea bass mixed in.  Fluke were
either shorts or 3-5 pound fish.  From here on out,
we will be jigging fluke and hoping to catch some
sea bass mixed in.  Days are limited for fluke
during the summer, but check our web site and
Facebook page for last minute openings.  We also
have plenty of afternoon availability for four hour
shark fishing, which is great family fun.  We also
have our 2.5 hour sightseeing and dolphin
watching trips available in the afternoon as well.  
They are a great way to get the whole family out
for a couple hours on the water!  Hope to see you
July 18, 2017

Hello everyone! Sorry for the big delay since our last update. We were in Florida with the family for a bit after school got out
and since we've been back things have been a little crazy. We've been fishing pretty steadily, and while fluke was really slow
for a couple weeks it did show signs of improvement over the past couple days with more action and better keeper numbers
hitting the box. There are also a few nice sized sea bass in the mix, too. Shark fishing on our afternoon trips has been
excellent with good action! We have a couple openings this week...we have one seat open on Wednesday and one seat open
on Thursday. Trips are $135/person and run from 6am to 2pm. Give us a shout to book! Hoping for some good fluke fishing
moving forward!