Striped bass are a very popular target species off Cape May.  They are a blast
to catch, and we target them in both the spring and fall.  The best time to target
stripers is in May from the 1st to 15th, an again in the fall from mid November
until Christmas time.  


Fluke are our main target species throughout the summer. We target fluke in the
deep waters offshore of Cape May by fishing heavy structure. Jigging is our
preferred method of catching these outstanding and great eating gamefish. We
target fluke from mid June until the season closes at some point during the
month of September.


Fishing the many wrecks and reef sites adjacent to Cape May provides fantastic
fishing for two excellent fighting and wonderful eating fish...sea bass and
blackfish! Utilizing a dual anchor system, the ADAM BOMB III is equipped for
serious wreck fishing. Southern New Jersey is renowned for its excellent bottom
fishing, and catches of big sea bass in spring and fall along with slob
tautog(including two near record 23.5lb fish taken on the ADAM BOMB III) are
living proof of it! Sea bass fishing is available from late May through June, and
again from mid October through New Year's Eve.  Tog fishing is excellent in
spring through the month of April. The season closes for the summer, reopening
in November when it is excellent through January.


Looking for an epic, big game battle, but don't want to run offshore for tuna?
Look no further than Cape May's world class black drum fishery. These fish
invade the bay to feed and spawn in early May, when we begin targeting them.
We typically fish for them until late May/early June.  Ranging in weight from
puppies of 20lbs to behemoths of 90 plus pounds, there is no where else that
you can catch such large fish within a stone's throw of the beach! These trips
book early in the season due to limited availability. So call ASAP to make your


During the summer from late June through early August, 4 hour inshore shark
trips are available each day primarily from 3pm to 7pm.  Fishing is usually
excellent with sharks ranging from 50 pounds to 300 pounds just a short ride
from the dock!  Big game fishing without a long ride, and it's awesome for a
family looking for an exciting way to spend an afternoon!!!